I've written about my love of camping before, and looking back on 2015, nothing has changed: the friends, adventures, cold beer, good food, hiking and lack of cell phone signals and internet, really makes it special. Getting out into nature, it's important, and I always come back full of great memories and new ideas.

We had a few trips, including a film photographer meet-up, people from across parts of Canada and the US, some from as far as LA! It was quite special for me to have this little event for about 10 people, getting to meet everyone in person and enjoy that time together, was really great. A few days after the meet-up, a very large forest fire had started and shut down parts of the parks, lucky timing for us I guess. Also lucky was having another camping trip planned a few weeks later, and we actually got to explore deep into the burned down forest. It's a massive area, and we decided to go off the path and check it out, I'm glad we did, it was an endless expanse of deep ash and burnt black trees swaying in the wind, absolute silence - it was incredible. 

I look forward to much more of this in 2016. Our trips are already booked!