Two years ago I decided to get myself a Holga camera, and while I don't use it as often as I should, I still enjoy it immensely. It's a cheap $20 plastic camera with a plastic lens. There are no real controls, it looks and feels like a toy. That lack of control, and lack of quality make for something so unique. While things don't always work out, they're at least interesting.


I met Gaëlle through Instagram in late fall of 2015, she was travelling across Canada working as a director on a French Canadian TV show about French artists and culture throughout various cities and towns. She had been meeting up with some creatives on her journey, between filming and days off, and I'm glad we got to meet up and make some photographs together. We spent the afternoon in one of my favourite places just outside of the city, shooting and having great conversations about life and art. Hopefully one day we can meet up again...